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What’s the Best Lube for Anal Sex? 2017’s Guide

Although you can use most personal lubricants for anal sex and still enjoy it, the best anal lube is specifically made for anal penetration, is arguably silicone based and contains special ingredients to also numb the anus and reduce the pain. (more below) Unlike the vagina, the

8 Best Sex Toys for Women

As a man who’s been tasked to write about female sex toys, you might be asking yourself: “What does this guy know about the best sex toys for women?” and I get it, if I were you, I’d probably be asking the same thing. But hear me

Your Best Orgasm Is Just A Prostate Massage Away

The male G-Spot isn’t located in the penis. No, that would make too much sense. It’s actually a tad dirtier than that. You see, a man’s G-Spot is located in his butt — about three inches in. To get to this difficult-to-reach area, you’re going to have to

Your No-Fail Guide To The Female Orgasm

Making a man cum is pretty easy. Making a woman cum is not. A woman’s sexual anatomy is more complicated than ours, so it’s important to first figure out how things work down there and use this knowledge to deliver an orgasm. A real one. You see,

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