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How to Pleasure Her Like a Pro

You don’t to be Zeus in bed to make her see the heavens, but you can convince her you’re a decent Demi-god. But being a Titan in the sack is no easy feat. As any good Spartan knows, it takes skill, practice, and bravado to conquer all—it’s

5 Ways to get Better in Bed

Some people are just natural-born Casanovas and sex kittens in the sack. Perhaps it’s something bred in the genes or a mysterious 6th sense given only to a few of the world’s lustiest lovemakers—the kind of people who could make you quiver with just a few suave

The Best Personal Lubricants for a Slippery Ride

For every slope and curve, the right lube helps grease the ride for mind-blowing thrills. Yet, when selecting one from the bunch, how choosy are you? Do you just buy any random drugstore bottle, or do you make an informed decision about the ingredients and quality? If

The Health Benefits of Sex

It’s rare that feel-good things are actually good for you. Thank our lucky stars that sex is one of them! Not only is it fun, but its health benefits are the cherry on top. Amazing for you, both mentally and physically, it’s nature indulgent way of letting

5 Best Rabbit Vibrators to Send You Soaring

The rabbit vibrator has been a classic favorite among women for decades. Known for turning all the ladies on Sex and the City into masturbation maniacs, the rabbit model stands as the reliable go-to of all vibrators. With its cute clitoral-pleasing bunny ears and a G-spot vibrating

How to Masturbate for Women: The Ultimate Guide

Since every woman’s sexual appetites are unique, they react differently to physical triggers. While some ladies can explode just from a little nipple pinching, others are less sexually sensitive, requiring more effort to enjoy the grand finale. If you’re having some trouble in this department, or just

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