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The Best Sex Toys for Women – 2018 Buying Guide

best sex toys for women


The Best Sex Toys for Women – 2018 Buying Guide

As a man who’s been tasked to write about female sex toys, you might be asking yourself: “What does this guy know about the best sex toys for women?” and I get it, if I were you, I’d probably be asking the same thing. But hear me out: as a dude, I understand that I don’t have the right parts to determine which sex toys are effective for clitoral or vaginal stimulation. What I do have, however, is nearly a decade’s worth of experience writing about sex and reviewing toys with my — sometimes reluctant — fiancee.

I’m also incredibly fortunate to have seasoned and reputable experts at my disposal as well as adult film stars who are incredibly generous in imparting their collective knowledge for the benefit of others.

Because of this, I’ve been deemed qualified for this endeavor and it’s something I don’t take lightly, considering a 2009 study found that ¾ of women do not orgasm without the assistance of a toy or manual stimulation. This same study also found an even more disappointing statistic that 10-15 percent of women never achieve orgasm at all. Which is why I’ve suggested the eight effective products below. Products that’ll help fight this very harrowing statistic.

  1. LELO Tiani 3

My fiancee and I keep the Tiani 3 in our nightstand because it’s always been dependable, for solo and couples use. The instructions for using this toy are quite easy: place the claw-shaped toy inside the vagina so that it rests on the clitoris, both internally and externally. From there, grab the toy’s remote and play around with the many vibration settings and apply more or less pressure with your available hand.

I’ll admit the dual motor design is incredibly intense (but can be adjusted), so chances are much pressure won’t be needed. When used as a couple, wear the toy the same way, and have your man enter vaginally so he can reap the benefits of Tiani’s vibrations as well. As you know, sharing is caring.

  1. Stronic Drei by Fun Factory

This is a favorite among many women I’ve spoken to. Though large in size, the Stronic Drei can be inserted as deep or shallow as you wish (the toy gets thicker the farther down you travel), and its ribbed texture is carried on throughout the shaft making for a pleasurable experience regardless of how far you’re willing to go.

The most unique characteristic the Stronic Drei possesses is in the fact that it doesn’t vibrate, but instead mimics a man’s thrusting, making this toy’s sensation much more authentic than a vibrating plastic shaft.

  1. Frisky Ripples Finger Bang

If you know your body better than any vibrator ever could slip on the Frisky Ripples Finger Bang for some added texture and vibration. The finger puppet basically turns your digit into the ultimate silicone vibrator (with toe-curling ribbing throughout), taking your solo exploits to the next level.

  1. JimmyJane Form 2

While bunny-shaped and rather innocent looking, the JimmyJane Form 2 is anything but. The award-winning vibrator comes complete with two powerful motors (one located in each ear) and is incredibly flexible, meaning you can pretty much do whatever you want with it: place your clit between the ears, or use one ear on your clit and the other on your vagina for dual stimulation. The toy  also comes with a ton of different vibration settings. So have some fun playing around with them until you find the one that feels just right.

  1. The Original Magic Wand

Originally designed as a body massager, The Original Magic Wand quickly became one of the most beloved vibrators in history after women discovered a more coveted use. Once humorously coined the “marriage saver,” the Wand is found to be the most effective vibrator for women who have difficulty masturbating (which I’m hoping can be a sound solution for the statistic I mention in the article’s intro).

There are a number of attachments available for use with the Magic Wand to for alternate sensations like the G-Spot, but these are sold separately. The toy can even be used on men! Just slip it over the head for intense penile stimulation.

  1. A&E Silicone G-Gasm Rabbit

Made famous by the hens of Sex and the City, rabbit-style vibrators have become best-sellers on most — if not all — sex toy stores all over the world. Designed for dual-stimulation (for the clitoris and G-Spot) simultaneously, there’s a reason Adam and Eve’s own Silicone G-Gasm Rabbit is the online store’s best-seller. It works damn well, and it’s easy to use. Just press the power button and explore yourself.

  1. LELO Luna Beads

LELO’s LUNA Beads are inspired by the centuries-old Ben Wa balls (also known as geisha balls). These babies are used to promote stronger orgasms, by being inserted into the vagina, either together in their silicone harness or solo with the retrieval cord.

Inside the balls are weighted beads that swirl inside the body, promoting pleasurable kegel exercise for a tighter, stronger vagina. Though worn vaginally, these beads reap additional benefits during anal sex as well.

  1. LELO GIGI 2

If it’s a no-frills vibrator you’re after, this effective model is an affordable investment into your sexual future as it is one of the best-selling G-Spot massagers of all time. With a flattened tip that hits the G-Spot just right, the Gigi 2 by luxury sex toy manufacturer LELO is by far the best bang for your buck and can be discretely stored in its impeccably designed packaging.

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