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The Best Personal Lubricants for a Slippery Ride

For every slope and curve, the right lube helps grease the ride for mind-blowing thrills. Yet, when selecting one from the bunch, how choosy are you? Do you just buy any random drugstore bottle, or do you make an informed decision about the ingredients and quality? If

The Health Benefits of Sex

It’s rare that feel-good things are actually good for you. Thank our lucky stars that sex is one of them! Not only is it fun, but its health benefits are the cherry on top. Amazing for you, both mentally and physically, it’s nature indulgent way of letting

Your Best Orgasm Is Just A Prostate Massage Away

The male G-Spot isn’t located in the penis. No, that would make too much sense. It’s actually a tad dirtier than that. You see, a man’s G-Spot is located in his butt — about three inches in. To get to this difficult-to-reach area, you’re going to have to

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