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Your Best Orgasm Is Just A Prostate Massage Away

The male G-Spot isn’t located in the penis. No, that would make too much sense. It’s actually a tad dirtier than that. You see, a man’s G-Spot is located in his butt — about three inches in. To get to this difficult-to-reach area, you’re going to have to

The Best Sex Toys for Couples

When it comes to couples’ play, sex toys are a great way to mutually boost your pleasure, turning your routine from decent to knee-shakingly hot! With the latest innovations in sex toys, it’s never been easier for you and your partner to achieve new peaks. Whether you’re

Your No-Fail Guide To The Female Orgasm

Making a man cum is pretty easy. Making a woman cum is not. A woman’s sexual anatomy is more complicated than ours, so it’s important to first figure out how things work down there and use this knowledge to deliver an orgasm. A real one. You see,

6 Ways to Increase the Female Libido

You may already enjoy some classic actions, eating chocolate and rubbing the bean, but over time these habits can become old and lose their spark. Currently, sex experts are suggesting a store of new alternatives for boosting your libido. Trying new methods can help crank up your

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