Some people are just natural-born Casanovas and sex kittens in the sack. Perhaps it’s something bred in the genes or a mysterious 6th sense given only to a few of the world’s lustiest love makers—the kind of people who could make you quiver with just a few suave maneuvers—oh mi amor!

#1 Trick to Get Better in Bed​ (Video)

If this description doesn’t sound like you, one bit, perhaps your sex style could use a makeover. But wait, don’t feel bad; most people’s sex lives consist of rushed foreplay and convenient sex. Fortunately, you can end the cycle! Read on to learn five ways to get better in bed.

Put Some Back into It!

Bad sex is often just a matter of laziness. The best sex happens when both partners are committed to creating an electric experience. Enthusiasm and effort are among the two most important ingredients for spicing up the old routine.

There are many ways you can put more oomph into your sex. The most obvious way is to try switching around your positions.

If you’re always the one laying down on the sidelines, give your partner a chance to ride one home for the team. Another option is to try an entirely new position, outside of your regular menu of options.

You can also keep your libido in full force by eating a healthy diet. This way, even if you’re tired from work or the stresses of everyday life, a balanced meal with energy-boosting veggies will keep your sex drive in check.

You can also try consuming more supplements to get better in bed, like the ones included in the Naughty Couples Sexual 1st Aid Kit. It contains all the nutrients you need to jumpstart your mojo; you can use supplements to make sex livelier.

Experiment More

Sex gets dull due to repetition. When the same twists and turns are occurring over and over, you can always anticipate the moves, which gets predictable and boring. Two big thumbs down!

To keep sex interesting, you should experiment more. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean just getting kinkier in bed, although this is also awesome, it’s also about getting more creative.

For instance, changing up the location is a simple yet super effective way to ramp up the excitement. The kitchen floor, the office or the laundry room are all perfectly unlikely options that put a tantalizing twist on your typical routine.

Anything that takes you out of your common element is key.

For even racier exploits, you can also consider semi-public sex to liven things up. Vanessa Marin, a sex psychotherapist notes that sexual partners tend to get thrilled to the idea that they may get interrupted any minute. At least without getting an indecency charge on your record.

The risk of getting caught and the lewdness of it all is the prime reason why unorthodox sex locations are so hot. Of course, you don’t have to go all-out right away.

If you’re hesitant, try testing the waters with a hot make-out session in a parking lot. Or you can try sneaking into a department store fitting room, or fooling around in an elevator. So long as you don’t end up in jail, you’re golden!

Fire up Foreplay

Foreplay is so underrated for many couples. Over time, the novelty of being with your sexual partner wears off, and the primary focus dwindles down to the bare minimum: achieving an orgasm.

Bleh! At this point, all the romance and sensuality dies, and sex becomes a matter of habit as opposed to something sexy.

To get out of your foreplay funk, spend more time warming each other up before go time. People who want to get better in bed will be committed to pleasuring their partner. The way to great foreplay is taking your time.

Slowly feel out their sensitive zones, then carefully fondle, kiss and massage these hotspots. If you’re genuinely enjoying it, your partner will respond to your erotic vibes and become even more aroused.

For those who aren’t super nutty about the taste of their partner’s nether regions, you can sweeten up the experience with some flavored lube. The Frutopia Natural Watermelon Flavored Lube makes sex more enjoyable with the refreshing taste of watermelon. You only need a squirt of this naturally lickable lube, making it easy to put your whole heart, soul, and appetite into your foreplay. Bon Appétit!

Make the Fantasy Come True

What’s the point of having fantasies if they’re just secrets in your mind? Let your fantasies come to life by sharing them. When you allow these deep-rooted desires to become a reality, you’ve just entered the status of sex god for your partner.

Never judge or belittle your partner’s fantasy, even if their fantasy seems odd or just plain crazy. Being a good lover involves creating a trustworthy and safe place for your partner to feel sexual with you, in all ways beyond just the conventional ones.

Role play is an exciting avenue toward better sex. Learning how to role play can lead to more passion and a stronger relationship with your partner. “But yet there’s something about role playing, and embracing our deepest fantasies that seem oddly forbidden, no matter what our level of sexual experience.” Says sex expert Aly Walansky.

Defying the forbidden is the crucial element to getting better in bed. You can also add some props to your role-play to make it more realistic. Silicone Handcuffs, for instance, let you push the boundaries of power and authority, making it ideal for all your naughty games.

Add Some More Buzz

Sometimes being a handyperson in the bedroom comes down to your toolbox. What kind of power tools are you bringing? How well can you get the job done? Couples who take pleasure seriously will make sure they’ve got the best tools for play— and yes, we’re talking about vibrators.

These days, there are dozens of great vibrating toys on the market, letting you fill the bedroom with more buzz. Sneak one into the show while you’re getting things on, and use it to induce maximum clitoral pleasure. Great for foreplay, and even greater during sex, both of you can enjoy the pulsating sensations while your love-buds are doing the do.

The Lovehoney Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator is quoted as the World’s Best Vibrator by Good Housekeeping Magazine. Unrivaled intensity can be yours with its thigh-splitting silken silicone form. Finally, you’ve met your game-changer when it comes to getting better in bed.

Use these tips to spice up the bedroom and get better in bed. Moving forward, there’s no true way of measuring how much you’ll improve, but if your partner has practically fallen off the bed because they’re so mindlessly into it, that’s probably your best sign. Heads up!

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