The male sex toy market is seriously lacking. Peruse any online store and you’ll find that the male department is noticeably scarce when compared to the female department, which almost doubles what’s accessible to men.

Add to this fact that not all men are into prostrate G-Spot stimulation (in case you weren’t aware, guys, your G-Spot — the prostate — is located in your butt) and you can reduce the selection of sex toys by almost half. According to research, though, guys are definitely coming around to the idea of butt stuff.

Sex toy manufacturer LELO did some digging into the subject and found that guys are actually a lot more interested in prostate play than you might assume.

For instance, they found that 71 percent of straight-identifying men in a relationship have tried (or admitted they’d like to try) experimenting with prostate massage.

Not only that, but LELO cited a 200 percent increase in prostate massager sales in 2015 and predicts that this number will double in 2016. Additional research found that men who practice prostate massage experience orgasms that are 33 percent bigger than average, and their erection are both bigger and stronger. Not bad, right?

If this research has broadened your curious yet reluctant perspective on prostate massage, I’ve recommended some toys below that will get the job done for both amateurs and intermediates alike.

And, because so many male sex toys are absolute crap (trust me on this), I’ve also recommended what I’ve found to be the best male sex toys available online and some of which I have tried with my girl girlfriend.

7 Best Sex Toys for Men in 2019

Fleshlight Original Pink Lady

The most popular male sex toy on the planet isn’t on this compilation by chance. Trust me when I say that it’s earned every accolade it has been awarded. The toy does a masterful job at simulating an actual vagina (it’s almost eerie), and the skin-like sleeve is removable for easy clean-up

There are many iterations of the Fleshlight available to suit your particular fancy (including a collection modeled after your favorite porn stars), but if you have no idea where to start, I recommend the original, the Pink Lady.

Some advice from somebody who learned this the hard way: USE LUBE! I once thought I could do without and almost completely skinned my trouser snake. When seeking lube, opt for water-based. It’s less messy.

LELO BILLY Luxury Prostate Massager Image

For beginners looking to experiment with prostate massage, no item comes close to LELO Billy, a toy that’s engineered to hit all the right spots of a man’s backside.

Its smaller size makes the toy less intimidating for beginners and comes with a selection of vibration settings to choose from. As with the Fleshlight, I recommend you use lube. Lots and lots of lube.

LELO Loki Wave federal blue sex toy for men

Being the leader in prostate massagers, my other selection also comes from LELO, though this model is more intermediate as its size is larger than BILLY. The Loki Wave is designed and shaped for both internal and external prostate stimulation courtesy of its dual motors.

It is also the first prostate massager to offer the wildly effective “come hither” motion that pretty much guarantees an incredible orgasm. This baby also comes with its healthy share of vibrating sensations so you can choose the one that’ll get you off.

KIIROO Onyx Male Masturbator - interactive male sex toy

Virtual Reality (VR) porn is all the rage right now. Porn streaming websites have started to offer this burgeoning category of adult film, and products have been amassed to make these videos all the more authentic.

The best model currently on the market is the Onyx + VR Headset from Kiiroo, who’s worked hand-in-hand with Fleshlight to produce a top-notch toy that interacts with video content and will not disappoint.

If your partner wants in on the action, purchase her the female version of the toy, the Pearl. This vibrator translates movement from one toy (the Onyx) to the other, creating an incredibly realistic long-distance sexual experience courtesy of its Bluetooth capabilities.

Jimmyjane’s The Usual Suspects Iconic Vibrating Ring

I’m not a huge fan of cock rings, but since the market is so scarce, I felt that a list without one would be incomplete. One of the better models I’ve tested is The Usual Suspects Iconic Vibrating Ring from JimmyJane. It features a bigger clitoral stimulator than most, means it’s more likely to hit the clitoris (or perineum) during penetration, which is what you want.

The ring itself is nice and plush, has two effective vibration modes, and can stretch to fit almost any penis (unless you’re as thick as a soda can. And if that’s the case, you probably won’t need the toy anyway.)

Tenga Easy Beat Egg Male Masturbator

The Tenga Egg is similar to the Fleshlight, except it’s a one-use toy that comes in a pack of six, all with different textures your penis can enjoy. And: it comes with lube! The super stretchable elastomer concealed within each of the eggs expands to fit your penis like a tailored suit.

If for no other reason, the TENGA Eggs are fun items to try out for their uniqueness. You will never find another item as quirky or surprisingly effective, I assure you.

Wicked Creme Masturbation Cream For Men

While not technically a toy, a quality lubricant is a must-have for any foray into sex toy territory. And since the best male sex toys are primarily intended for masturbatory purposes, you might as well go with a lube that is catered to exactly that.

Thanks to Wicked Sensual Care, men have access to a lube made just for their solo sessions. This lube is silicone-based, meaning it will last longer than water-based, and you won’t have to reapply in the middle of a porn clip, which is the absolute worst.

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