For every slope and curve, the right lube helps grease the ride for mind-blowing thrills. Yet, when selecting one from the bunch, how choosy are you? Do you just buy any random drugstore bottle, or do you make an informed decision about the ingredients and quality?

If you haven’t already done your research, you should start. Treat your body with only the best lubricants, letting you revel in the freedom of lubricious sex!

Types of Lubricants

Personal lubricant makes friction easier, making sex more enjoyable. But lubricants aren’t only meant to help remedy vaginal and anal dryness – they’re also a blast! From flavored versions to fruity scented ones, there are a whole realm of experiences and sensualities available to explore.

There are five main types of lubricants: silicone-based water-based, flavored, anal and oil-based. The best lubricants for women depend on their personal needs. Here’s the lowdown on what each kind offers.

i) Silicone-based Lubes

This type of lubricant lasts the longest, all the way to the final home stretch. Since they’re designed to stay moist, you don’t have to worry about calling any timeouts for re-applying.

Many people love its slick texture because they can actually leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. They are also usually safe to use with condoms.

ii) Water-based Lubes

Water-based lube is the best lubricant for women. Its watery formula is safer and purer as compared to silicone and oil, but you may not get the same level of slippage.

Nevertheless, they are less likely to irritate sensitive skin, have no taste and feel the most natural. So, if feeling fresh and clean is high on your priority list for lube, water-based may your friend.

iii)Flavored lubes

Add some flavor to your sex with some sexy tastes. It makes blow jobs yummy and also enhances the overall experience of getting down. Most brands feature fruity flavors, but there are a wide variety of options available such as chocolate, mint or bubble gum.

The only catch is that flavored lube is made with more additives and chemicals, which is not recommended for women with allergies or sensitive skin.

iv) Anal lube

Essential for booty play, anal lube moistens the canal for easy penetration. The slimy texture makes anal much more pleasurable and relaxing. The main disadvantage is that it tends to be extremely goopy, which may be trickier to clean off. Yet, a little tidy-up time is always worth an orgasm or two.

v) Oil-based Lube

Oil-based lube feels wonderfully juicy, but on the downside, it can damage the latex in the condom (meaning that they might break). Eek! So, unless you want to scoot over to the drugstore for Plan B, you should only use oil-based lube during unprotected sex—with a tested, trusted partner, of course!

Best Personal Lubes – Top 5 Reviews

1. Lubido Water-Based Intimate Lubricant – Best water-based lube

Lubido is known for providing long lasting and super-slick texture. Not only is it juicy and fun, it’s thick enough for anal play as well. Easily drizzle Lubido over your intimate areas to maximize pleasure during solo play, foreplay and sex.

Voted one of the most non sticky lubricants on Love Honey, the formula easily washes off after use and is 100% paraben free. It does contain glycerine, but with so many high quality ingredients, it’s a small price to pay.

2. Pjur Original Silicone Lubricant – Best silicone-based lube

Whether you want a sensual massage or slippery sex, Pjur bodyglide feels amazing inside and out. Users rave about its long-lasting silicone formula, which glides on slick and stays that way – for long, intense sexual encounters (Up to 5 times longer than other brands)!

As a huge plus, it moisturizes, conditions, and protects your skin, giving you a silky afterglow in addition to your post-orgasm glow. On the downside, the bottle has a twist cap, instead of a pump—yet pump away you shall!

3. Warming Caramel Flavored Massage – Best flavored lube

Tasty and moist, this dessert flavored lube enhances your foreplay with wetter and yummier licks. It’s also gently warming, which helps increase arousal, adding an exciting dimension you’ll both enjoy.

The bottle does come with a screw top, requiring extra car when twisting the cap on and off. The formula is also sugary, so for women counting their calories, moderation is key.

4. A&E Forbidden Anal Lubricant – Best Anal Lube

You can bet your bottom dollar on Adam & Eve’s finest anal lube! It’s specially designed for super-sliding backdoor sex! This odorless water-based formula is safe to use with condoms and all your favorite sex toys.

A little goes a long way! Just watch out for its extra goopy texture, so you’re not left cleaning out the basement after you’re done playing. Otherwise, this anal lube is all thumbs-up folks!

5. Yes Oil-Based Organic Lube – Best oil-based lube

Say yes to this oil-based lube, one of the leading brands in organic lubricant. You’ll get all the slippery fun without the unnatural additives and chemicals.

With safe organic ingredients, you can pamper your body with extra love, making this formula the best lubricant for women with sensitive skin. Be cautioned that it’s not condom friendly, so if you and your partner are driving with the hood on, you’re not fully protected.

Bottom Line

Using the wrong lube on your goody parts can interrupt the flow of play. Make sure to only choose the best lubricants, which are deemed the safest and most long-lasting. Remember, wetter is better!

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