The rabbit vibrator has been a classic favorite among women for decades. Known for turning all the ladies on Sex and the City into masturbation maniacs, the rabbit model stands as the reliable go-to of all vibrators.

With its cute clitoral-pleasing bunny ears and a G-spot vibrating shaft, you’re set for the next level of adventures in Wonderland. But before you take the plunge into your orgasmic fairy-tail, you should select the right magic wand to get you there. Here’s the ultimate list, detailing the best rabbit vibrators for your never-ending pleasure story.

Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator (Editor's Choice)

As the #1 best seller in rabbit vibrators, the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit is true to its reputation. It features an ergonomically proportioned bunny-clit-stimulator with 7 thigh-shaking patterns and 3 speeds for maximum arousal.

Simultaneously, the reversible 3-speed rotating shaft will bring blended orgasms to send you over the edge.

Dr.Alina Pilin strongly recommends this model for women who need a diverse set of functions to build up toward their orgasms. As she explains, “Women can control how the bunny ears target their sensitive clitoris, while simultaneously manipulating the rotating pearls for an intense internal euphoria.”

By enjoying the combination of both internal and external stimulation, you can double-up on your pleasure.

The Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit is also fully water-friendly. So, whether you fancy a skinny-dip or a steamy tub rub, it’s no problem! As one of the best vibrators for water, it’s more than happy to dive in and get things even wetter!

Rotating Rabbit Vibrator (Best Value Rabbit Vibrator)

If you’re looking for a hot thrill on a budget, the Rotating Rabbit Vibrator is both affordable and powerful. The vibrator’s shaft is divinely soft, made with easy-to-slip-in jelly and a beaded texture for a heightened sensation. The material warms up easily, matching the building heat of your body temperature as you simmer up to explode.

It operates with a gentle circular movement, which allows this sex toy to rub all your internal hotspots, while you control the speeds easily with the simple touch of a button. It’s one wild ride you’ll never want to get off!

The special feature of this vibrator is its ability to give you a high-level of control over your pleasure. Unlike most rabbit vibrators which regulate the speed and pulsation patterns, this model allows you to manipulate the rotation rate as well, giving you more options to customize your orgasm.

The controls are also super easy to use, keeping the focus on your relaxation and enjoyment. As the buttons are quite large, they’re easy to find by touch in the ecstasy of the moment, enabling quick changes that won’t interrupt your groove.

Girthy Rabbit Vibrator (The Heavy Hitter Rabbit Vibrator)

Go wide or go home—the Girthy Rabbit Vibrator means big business when it comes to making a grand slam. With its thick shaft and tantalizing swirling beads, it’s made for extra-satisfying pleasure.

As a bonus, the bunny ears have an impressive 10 vibration functions. Between the ear patterns and shaft speeds, to bring you the best vibrator for a blended climax.

Many women revel in the thickness and sensuality of this vibrator because it a puts more pressure against the vaginal walls. As sex expert Sarah Fairborne shares, “When friction is applied more intensely on the G-spot, you’re more likely to spasm into an orgasmic frenzy.”

The Girthy Rabbit Vibrator creates this high-pressure experience by pushing the vibrating beads in the shaft against all your internal buzz buttons.

At the same time, the rabbit ears on the outside surround your clitoris with sublime vibrations. This fantastic unison of external vibration and internal rotation will have you squirming with delight in minutes.

A&E Silicone G-Gasm Rabbit (The Easy O Rabbit Vibrator)

Reaching the big O has never been easier! The Silicone G-Gasm Rabbit is specially shaped to hit all your hard-to-reach triggers with expert level precision. Like a sniper who hits the mark every time, you’ll never regret investing in this excellent marksmen.

The shaft is made with a bulging curvature to leave you weak in the knees. Mimicking the feeling of real intimate contact, it smooth surface allows for easy insertion, while the vibrating shaft leaves you shaking and trembling past your limits.

Meanwhile, you’re able to give your clitoris the attention she deserves. You can cruise through 7 different modes of vibration and intensity –– then change it up to surprise yourself with unexpected sensations.

The vibrator is molded from deliciously smooth premium grade silicone, creating a flexible body which feels erotically natural. Use your favorite water based lube or gel for a sexy, slippery feel. You’ll lock down the easiest and most reliable orgasm—better than an on-demand booty call— but this guy always makes you come on time.

Mr. Big Rabbit Vibrator (Bigger is Better Rabbit Vibrator)

In the spirit of Sex and the City, the Mr.Big Rabbit Vibrator brings Carrie Bradshaw’s fantasy to your bedroom. It’s got the size, bravado, and power to make you feel so… za za zu. The what? It’s those frisky butterflies you feel when you’re anticipating your next big surprise and it’s locked and loaded in a heavy-duty vibrator, ala Mr.Big!

It’s jam-packed with dozens of spinning pearls and a realistic shaft to turn on all your internal switches. Featuring a thick 4.6-inch circumference, you’ll be glad you chose to go bigger! On the outside, the extra-long probing rabbit ears are motorized with glorious vibrations that tease your clitoris concurrently, resulting in bombshell blended orgasms.

There’s also a user-friendly massage controller, which puts you in charge of the 2-speed levels for the clitoral vibrator bunny ears.

You can operate the ears separately from the shaft, or use them both in cycles before amping up the sensation using the reversible rotation feature, that switches the pearls’ orbit.

The Mr.Big Rabbit Vibrator comes with a pink satin Carrie bag, so you can keep him tucked away until your next hot date with Mr. Big.

Bottom line

Owning a rabbit is like being part of a secret society of epic masturbation. Once you join, you’ll have the best vibrator that’s always loyal, dependable and works hard to please.

You’ll adore everything about it, from its pointy ears all the way to its protruding package. It will basically be the sweetest little pet you’ll ever take out to play with whenever the mood strikes.

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