Sex toys are great for some solo fun, but what about their role in twosomes?

When it comes to couples’ play, sex toys are a great way to mutually boost your pleasure, turning your routine from decent to knee-shakingly hot! With the latest innovations in sex toys, it’s never been easier for you and your partner to achieve new peaks.

Whether you’re both feeling steamy in the shower or getting kinky in the bedroom, the right toy can send you both into an orgasmic frenzy. Check out these best sex toys for couples to find the one that matches your style.

The Experimental Couple

Tried something new lately? If you’ve already done it all in the sack, the tub and everywhere else, try introducing the Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Twin Cock Ring into the mix.

It’s a rubber loop that hugs the shaft of his penis to make it harder and bigger, delaying and intensifying the orgasm. They work by constricting blood flow, forcing it to build up inside the penis until he bursts!

The sensation is epic, but it’s also wonderful for the receiving partner. The ring features tantalizing bumps which create extra friction and stimulation, evoking a deeper sexual response from both of you. Just add a little water-based lube to make the pleasure even hotter! You’ll find it’s the most exciting ring that doesn’t require saying “I do” …

The Novice Couple

If you’re slightly new to the world of adult toys, we recommend you first use We-Vibe sex toy for couples vibrator. With its simple easy-to-approach shape, you can effortlessly recruit it into all your sexual routines.

The lower handle vibrates against your G-spot, while the other cradles the clitoris for combined stimulation. Pick between the constant speed or four pulsation patterns, each with customizable intensity.

The We-Vibe can be worn during sex, so you can both enjoy the sensational array of vibration speeds and patterns. Use the remote to guide your pleasure, or ask your lover to take control you with the We-Connect app.

Through this app, your partner can regulate the toy’s pulses from anywhere in the world! So, whether they’re out in Madagascar, on a boat or even Neverland, you can always vibe together—as long as there’s a data connection. It’s arguably one of the best sex toys for couples on the market.

The Wild Couple

For couples who like it kinky, the Under The Bed Restraint System will add some fire between the sheets. The restraint system comes with a total of four wrist and ankle cuffs so you can strap your partner’s arms and legs to the bed!

It fits easily underneath your mattress – including kings and pillow tops – for quick and easy bondage fun whenever you want it!

They use Velcro fasteners so you can remove the cuffs quickly if needed (or after the safety word is spoken). The cuffs are also lightly padded for a comfortable fit, keeping your wrists and ankles safe during friction.

To build up the tension, you can tighten the adjustable straps. As you and your partner become more comfortable with bondage and other BDSM activities, you can start experimenting with different style restraints and positions.

As sex expert Alina Pilin explains, “When one partner is tied or restricted to a vulnerable position, they will feel more submissive, creating a heightened sense of exhilaration during sexual activity. The other partner will take on the dominating role, allowing both of you to explore the adventure.”

Couples can have a blast finding different ways to attach the cuffs. You can create handcuffs, leg shackles or even hog ties. Let your imagination run wild!

The Lazy Couple

Perfect for the couch potato couple, the Lovehoney Bionic Bullet lets you lock in some serious clit action without breaking a sweat. Let the bullet do all the work with its five breathtaking modes of vibration.

Perfectly formed to stimulate the clitoris, this petite bullet offers a velvet-smooth texture, firm body, and soft, rounded tip. It delivers incredible sensations through your whole body, formed to glide easily over your clit for waves of hypnotizing pleasure. Use it during foreplay, sex or any other activity that floats your fancy!

Featuring two powerful speeds and three pulsating patterns of vibration, this toy allows you to find the groove that works for you. Pair it up with your favorite water-based lubricant to make your pleasure even wetter n’ wild!

The Quirky Couple

For the trendsetting couple who defines their own brand of hot, the First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers ia great couple sex toy. Spruce up your average play date by attaching the vibrating clamps to each nipple, making them erect and excited.

Whether it’s your first time experimenting with nipple clamps, or you’re an expert looking for a reliable go-to set, these naughty little teasers are just what you need!

If you’re a sucker for some tight pinching power, you can use the tension adjusters to give your love buds some more squeeze. And if you’re a fetish veteran, looking for some serious nipple clamp fun, you can remove the rubber tips from these nipple clamps and savor some super intense sensations.

You can also get kinky by taking advantage of the chain on these nipple clamps. Let your playmate tug on it to increase the pressure or pull you through your most erotic fantasies—servant and master, perhaps?

The Efficient Couple

Clever lovebirds can hit all the marks efficiently with the Booty Shaker. While you’re busy doing the do, it penetrates your back door G-spot effortlessly, leaving your hands free for some clit fondling or any other rubbing action. Now, you can fiddle all your sweet zones at the same time!

The combined pleasures maximize arousal for both you and your partner. According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, women who are stimulated anally during sex are more likely to experience an orgasm. So, why not get double the pleasure you are used to?

To warm up with the Booty Shaker, use it at first as a static plug, before cycling through the different shaking speeds and patterns. It’s also important to love your bum by coating the plug with a generous amount of lubricant before use. A moist bum is a happy one!

Bottom Line

When it comes to finding the best sex toys for couples, experimenting is always the best way to find out which toy suits you the best. Choose the best sex toy for couples that you and your partner like, and get wild every time you get down to sucking the honey.

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