What Hot Spots Are Men Made Of?

We’ve all heard that lyric before, right? While it may have been funny when we were younger, now that we are older, we now have a much deeper interest in what makes up the male anatomy.

Unfortunately, when talk of the male anatomy is put forward, the above lyric gives the idea that the male anatomy is too simple for having very highly developed sexual zones. With that idea, any talk and of course any action applied to an erogenous zone for men is and has been centered on the “Big Fella” for decades.

While the penis is a quite important, we tend to forget that a build-up leading to their Big O should include any or all of his erogenous zones. That is if you desire to make his experience over the moon and give him a little something to remember!

With that said, let’s explore our way down his other erotic zones for a change shall we?

The Windows to the Soul

Starting at his crown, the first major zone is, of course, his eyes and yes, this is because he’s a man!

According to Berkeley Dr. Marian Diamond, a Professor of Anatomy at the University of California,; the male brain is wired to allow them to be more spatially oriented. Simply put, men are more predisposed to being aroused visually much easier than our female counterparts.

Therefore, giving the eyes a feast by putting on that sexy number you know he likes will help to increase the blood flow to those other erotic areas and prepare them for what is to come.

To fully maximize on this, appealing to his other senses is greatly encouraged. Why not play his favorite tune? What about lighting a scented candle? Even better would be a nibble or two on his ear (another erogenous zone) down to his neck incorporating changes in temperature and texture as you go. So feel free to bring out the ice and/or melted chocolate.

Down The Hatch

Yes, you read and thought correctly. The mouth, lips, and tongue are not only to be used for eating and talking. There is an ample supply of blood and sensitive nerve endings that going to this area making them a real erotic hot spot.

It also really does not matter if they are full and as red as cherries or a little bit thin and wiry. The mouth, lips, and tongue are very delicate and receptive to any amount of touching, kissing, licking, biting, sucking or changes in temperature. So whatever comes to mind in using this erogenous hot spot, it’s all fair game!

Neck and Nipples

Creeping our way down the male’s sexual zones, another majorly sensitive area that is sometimes overlooked starts at the neck and ends at the nipples.

The male neck is not very sensitive to light touches and tickles (in most cases). But on the flip side, the male neck has great sensitivity to a firm touch and vibrations with a lower frequency so get creative with hands and toys to activate this erogenous zone.

Now as we move on to the topic of nipples, let’s settle this once and for all. Men have nipples simply by accident. From a squarely realistic and biological view, the male nipple does not have a function as men typically can’t nurse babies.

While in the womb, the nipples appear before we get both our “peanuts,” so we’re just stuck with them for life. Thankfully, they aren’t useless as nips have lots of nerve endings which can send sensations all over the body. It would seem then that men were given a free erotic zone that is to be specially tended to in the acts of love or war (all is fair right?).

The Extremities

I figure most of us know that extremities meant fingers and toes but did you also know it includes the back of the knee? Here we are getting in areas that are heavily used and often exposed to the elements.

That said, there may be a fair bit of dirt present especially under the nails, etc. so to be both sexy and safe you can have a shower/bath before paying attention to these areas. Then using a bit of massage oil apply some firm enough pressure to loosen the muscles, open up the pores and get those hot spots tingling.

The P Spot

The Male G Spot Better called The “P” Spot.

So we have all heard of the female G-spot and for years we have heard of the general and sometimes specific map for finding that magical wonderland. But with the male body, it’s a little bit different to get to the G spot’s male counterpart.

The “P” Spot is located in his prostate so yes, you will have to go “bottoms up,” an insertion is needed and a come hither motion of your fingers is mandatory.

A healthy serving of lube is recommended for anything that is being used in his rear but reaching that walnut-sized gland (his prostate hence the “P” spot get it?) can increase the orgasm by 33%!

It is advised that you do a bit of research before trying this method. Here is an article on the Road bottom up. You should also include a lube to make your and your partner have had success with.

Since there are no means of natural lubrication, finding the right lube will provide hours of slippery yet safe run. Taking our fun times back outside his bum, cupping his tush, gripping it whilst in the throes of passion or providing an occasional love tap or hard slap (based on the preference of course) will get his blood pumping and nerves alert ready for whatever comes next.

Let’s Cross the Fun Bridge

For the majority of the male’s erogenous zones, being very receptive to light touches and movements is not a typical characteristic. But to every rule, there is an exception and the Perineum, is it?

The Perineum is the area between the anus and the scrotum and it is rich with nerve endings, fibers, and bundles that can produce powerful orgasms when stimulated.

You will have to be careful with stimulation because this area can tear and your lover can be injured quite easily. Also with the high density of nerve fibers located there, an overload is possible so let’s be gentle and use different motions when he is about to reach his pinnacle.

Moby D***

Finally! The one erogenous zone that everyone knows about and has a different name/ nickname for; Big Fella, Moby Dick, The Deep V Diver to name a few.

Although we are all aware of it, not very many persons take the time to focus on the organ and use it to bring him into the stratosphere as some vital details are often overlooked.

An erection is not always a sign of being horny; an erection also does not mean that he is fully ready for intercourse so taking the time to pleasure him will make you a permanent part of his memories forever.

The two most sensitive areas are the glands at the very tip of the penis and of course the scrotum. Tending to these areas requires an individualized approach. So any bobbing and vigorous treatment applied to the shaft and glans, cannot also be applied to the scrotum without causing injury.

The scrotum holds his family jewels safely from harm, and any sudden force may injure the internal structure. Here, light touches which can gradually become firmer can be used.

During this journey, we have established that men are not only made of snips or snails or puppy dog tails, but there is a bit of sugar and spice mixed in there too. This list is not an exhaustive one by any means, and you are free to determine what works best for you and yours. Happy exploration and sexploration my lovelies!


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