The male G-Spot is not located in the penis. No, that would make too much sense. It’s actually a tad dirtier than that. You see, a man’s G-Spot is located in his butt — about three inches in.

To get to this difficult-to-reach area, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty. Well, I guess that’s not true, you could always use a toy. In fact, I recommend that you do.

Your prostate (which is roughly the size of a walnut and is located at the root of your johnson, just below the bladder) is a gland that creates “prostatic fluid,” a milky sex-having liquid that contains just the right alkalinity to neutralize acidity found in the vaginal tract (because of urine), which allows sperm to travel more safely to the egg.

​Prostrate Massage Video

By massaging the prostate, you cleanse the prostate, clearing it of any stagnant semen. When a prostate is not given this kind of care, the stagnant semen could lead to a buildup of bacteria, which can then lead to swelling and even infection.

Though a daunting prospect, there are many additional benefits to prostate massage, I assure you. Take thicker, firmer erections, pain reduction, and even an orgasm that is 33 percent bigger, for instance.

Aside from the sexual benefits though, prostate massage has also been found to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, and so on. Who knew?

And no, prostate play doesn’t mean you’re into guys, that’s actually a huge misconception. 71 percent of straight men in a relationship have tried or would like to try a prostate massage. Not only that, but 80 percent of women said they would perform a prostate massage on their man if asked.

Set up

Pick the location that this will be happening, then clean yourself and your toys. There are many effective toy cleaning products on the market (like this one), but if you’re on a budget and would prefer to forgo additional spending, mild soap and warm water will do the trick.

You should also ensure that you have PLENTY of lube on hand. I recommend silicone-based lubricants as the greasiness is longer-lasting and reduces chances of anal tearing.

But if water-based is all you’ve got, this works just fine as well. Or, if you have neither and are looking for a lubricant that can be found around the house, coconut oil works wonderfully. Believe it or not, it’s what the porn stars use!

Get in position

How does one position themselves for prostate massage? Kind of like a woman does during missionary. Just lay back with your legs wide with something (a pillow, a rolled-up blanket, etc.) below your hips to elevate them.

In case there’s any mess (and there shouldn’t be if you clean yourself properly) place a dark towel underneath you. You know, just to be safe.

But if you REALLY want to ensure there’s no mess, I recently spoke with porn star Joanna Angel on the best way you can prepare for anything regarding anal. Her method? A water enema.

Just go to the drugstore, purchase a water enema kit (which is probably more discretely named a “hot water bottle and syringe kit”) then head to the shower and make it happen.

Lube yourself up

Start with a little bit of lube (maybe the size of a quarter), and work the liquid inside yourself (the prostate is located about two to three inches inside a male’s anal passage).

You’re going to need lube — like, a lot of it — so don’t get stingy. Lube both yourself and the toy (or your fingers) until both are sufficiently lubricated.

Work the prostate

Start small (say one finger) and work your way up. The key here is to stimulate your G-Spot as you would hers. So enter yourself palm up with two fingers and perform a “come hither” motion with your fingers when you’re about two to three inches in.

From here you should feel this walnut-sized gland I mentioned earlier and continue to rub this erogenous area. At this point, you can also stimulate the prostate externally, through your perineum, which is the swath of skin between your scrotum and anus. Just perform circular motions on that area with two finger of your other hand. If you are using a toy, don’t thrust it in and out. Instead, rock it back and forth.

If you are looking for a toy that can get the job done without dirtying your fingers, there’s no better brand for your butt than LELO; they specialize in this kind of thing.

Best Toys for Prostrate Massage

Lelo BILLY: BILLY is good for the beginner. It’s smaller size makes the toy less intimidating, but its power won’t disappoint, not one bit. Play with the different vibration settings until you’ve found the one that best suits you.

Lelo HUGO: What’s great about HUGO is that it’s remote-controlled, which is rare for a prostate massager. Without having to even touch the toy, you can explore its many vibration settings that surge through the toys two powerful motors in both the tip and the base.

Lelo LOKI Wave: The LOKI Wave is extra fun because it is shaped to stimulate the G-Spot both internally and externally courtesy of its dual-motors. It’s also the first prostate massager to offer the “come hither” motion experts recommend when massaging the prostate.

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