When you lay your hands on Tenga Flip zero sex toy, you won’t know what you’re holding. But when you go an extra step and slide your member into it, then it will hit you that you just landed an animal, a monster of a sex toy.

Tenga flip zero is a boisterously high-tech, classy and one-size-fits-all-dicks type of sex toy. The added high-tech flair doesn’t drain away the traditional taste that a sex toy should offer.

This is a revolutionary sex toy on which developers obviously gave their best, making it the crème de la crème of Tenga sex toys.

Despite coming in the shape, colors and being made of materials similar to its previous versions, Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) comes incorporates an internal vibrator which makes it stand out amongst comparable sex toys.

Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) Official Video​

Features of Tenga Flip Zero EV

Two cores

The Tenga Flip Zero comes in the original black and white colors. However, it has a range of new features. These include the vibrator, an improved elastomer that snugly houses two pulsating cores.

These cores are located in different spots inside the toy and that spreads the sensations evenly across your shaft. For instance, the central vibe core will tickle the tip of your dick as you push it in and out. The Deep vibe core, on the other hand, will shoot tingles up to your dick’s end all through the pounding session.

Five settings

The toy comes with five different settings, with each setting having varying intensity. These intensities include random, sap, pulse, high and low. Tightness of the toy can be customized thanks to the dual pressure pads that have been added along its walls and the improved material used in construction.

Like the previous versions, this toy can open so as to tightly clamp around your penis. Its suction control can also be hand-operated and the whole thing is customizable.


Structurally, Tenga Flip Zero is tube-like with this design totally aimed at pleasing stubborn dicks. With different details and ridges, its sleeve structure cloaks your dick.

Tenga Flip 0 Design

Ridge wall

Inside, just close to the entrance, there is a ridge wall on one side with a ripple dome on the other side. The ripple dome is a textured ball that has flaps on either side.

Right above the ripple dome a little bit further up into the toy’s midsection, there is a series of nubs/balls. These are called the triple chain gate whose work is to stimulate your dick from both sides.

Then there is the orb. This is the layered end that has an impressive hole that envelops your dick’s head and the sensations are quite intense.

Slide Arms

Tenga Flip 0 Arms

Looking like some unusual flask or some fancy light at your bedside, this long tube comes with plastic arms located along both sides which you can slide off. You can remove these slides to open the interior that will look like a pod.

These slide arms also work as Tenga Flip Zero’s battery. Once you charge them fully for 90 minutes, you are likely to enjoy an intense sexual experience of up to 40 minutes.


Having such a highly textured interior means the lubrication must be at the maximum. The toy’s firm structure is made out of ABS plastic while the softer part which also is translucent is made out of Thermoplastic Elastomer. This material is known to be porous, and it is usually discouraged in the manufacture of insertion toys like dildos and vibrators. However, the material is safe to use with Tenga Flip Zero.

The Tenga’s insertion point is so seamless that you won’t have to be worried about the lubricant leaking. The one-way valve also makes a strong vacuum.


This toy measures 9 x 4 x 4 inches while it weights around 1.2 pounds.

What is included in the package box?

The Tenga Flip Zero comes in a simple plastic wrapping. The storage container is durable and can be used to store the toy after use.

The following are the items you will find after unwrapping the packaging bag:

  • A stand (for supporting Tenga flip zero).
  • A clear storage case
  • Tenga Hole Lotion (patented lubricant)-Two Packets
  • USB Cable
  • Charging base with USB connectivity
  • User Manual
  • White rubber band (protect the device from damage during shipping)

How to Use Tenga Flip Zero EV Series

Once you ascertain that everything about the Tenga Flip Zero is fine, you can’t wait to put it to the task. You start by squeezing the rails that are on the toy’s side. This will unlock the locks and open up the slides so that you will see the interior.

Pour the lubricant into it, close the slides and lock before replacing the slide arms. You can apply some lubricant on the toy’s entry point too. Now you can power it on using the button and then slide your sneaky penis into the toy as you squeeze the pressure pads so that you can feel an internal vacuum/suction.

Tenga is powered on by long-pressing the top button for around 3 seconds. At first, you will receive feel the low and soft vibrations envelop your dick, causing some stimulations. Press the button again and you will have activated higher continuous vibrations.

If you press it again, it will switch to other modes; Random, where vibrations, moves, and patterns are mixed up casually, where the vibrations bounce and alternate between the two cores as well as the pulse mode.

You can stroke yourself using Tenga Flip Zero while playing around with the pressure points.

You can get the manual (in your language) on the Official manufacturer's website.​

How to Clean Tenga Flip Zero EV after Use

Cleaning this sex toy requires some bit of effort, due to its internal design that features crannies and nooks. This means that rinsing the toy with water alone is not enough. The cleaning needs to be thorough is you want to increase the lifespan of this magical toy.

You will have to actively use your fingers intensively. First, you will need to peel away the toy’s layers and separate the ridges so that the area is reachable.

Here is a simple process that you can use to clean your toy:

  • Flip the toy open by removing those slide arms, so that you can see all the internal elements.
  • Wash it under lukewarm running water, ensuring your fingers reach all corners of the toy’s internal space as discussed earlier.
  • Once you are done with cleaning, place the toy on the slide arms to allow it to air dry.
  • When you are satisfied that it is completely dry, you can close it, replace those slide arms and store it till the next pounding session.

Note: Use neutral soaps in cleaning as those with high alkalinity or acidity content are likely to damage your toy.

What I like about Tenga Flip Zero

The following are some of the things I like about this device:

  • The stimulating texture.
  • It is rechargeable.
  • The design (it is sleek and flashy)
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a variety of sensations
  • The cleaning chambers are easily accessible
  • Customizable, thanks to the double pressure pads
  • Can be controlled by one hand.

What I don’t like about Tenga Flip Zero EV Series

On the flipside, there are other things that will make your experience not so lovely after all. These include;

  • The cleaning is rather hectic and requires a lot of work
  • Takes some time to dry
  • If the lubrication gets on its outside it can be very slippery
  • Has limited use

Frequently Asked Questions about Tenga Flip Zero EV Review

Is Tenga Flip Zero reusable?

Absolutely! You only need to maintain it well and you will use it for a long time.

Is this electronic?

No, it is not electronic. You can enjoy it manually.

What’s the white ring that comes in the Flip Zero package?

That does not have any other function apart from stabilizing the product during shipping so that it doesn’t knock the sides and get damaged. You can dispose it of once you receive your product or keep it to use in storage.

What is the lubrication that I should use with Tenga Flip Zero?

The package comes with two samples of Tenga Hole Lotion. This is the recommended lubrication even for further uses.

What are the measurements of the Flip Zero?

The insertion depth is about 16 cm whereas the insertion width is approximately 5 cm.

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